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Isabella Orlic



+61 (02) 8005 3077



Sydney, Australia

Level 30, 133 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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About Isabella

Isabella is a dynamic member of the team at the forefront of law in the digital age, focusing on defamation, media, commercial, regulatory, and employment law. Her practice is geared towards assisting clients in the social media, marketing, and creative sectors, adeptly navigating complex legal challenges unique to these industries.


Holding a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) from the University of Sydney, Isabella blends legal expertise with industry insight to deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions to her clients, empowering them to succeed while managing potential risks.


Committed to forging genuine partnerships with her clients, Isabella leverages her litigation background to offer both advisory services and effective dispute resolution in court. By closely monitoring the ever-evolving landscape of social media, marketing, and digital realms, Isabella is dedicated to safeguarding her clients' interests and enabling them to grow their brand, audience, and influence with confidence.


“At BlackBay, my mission is to guide clients through the dynamic landscapes of digital and social media law, identifying potential legal risks before they arise and empowering brands and business to thrive. I am passionate about forging true partnerships with clients to provide holistic solutions and tailored legal advice throughout the entire legal journey, ensuring they can succeed in their unique industries with confidence”

- Isabella Orlic, BlackBay Lawyers

Practice Focus

Isabella excels in the following key areas:​

  • Defamation & Media Law: Expertise in managing online reputation, handling defamation cases, and addressing issues related to social media and digital platforms.

  • Commercial Law: Advising clients on contracts, intellectual property, and dispute resolution in the context of social media, marketing, and creative industries.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Guiding clients through the complex regulatory landscape governing digital and social media platforms, ensuring they stay compliant with industry standards and legal requirements.

  • Employment Law: Assisting clients with workplace matters, such as contracts, policies, and dispute resolution, with a focus on the unique challenges faced by social media influencers and creative professionals.


  • Assisting leading multinational corporations in complex commercial litigation involving sophisticated breach of contract matters, partnership disagreements, enforcement actions, franchise and licensing disputes.

  • Protecting the reputation of high-profile clients in defamation litigation across traditional, print, digital and social media, while also offering strategic pre-publication and pre-litigation advice on reputation management and crisis communication.

  • Navigating complex investigations by Australian regulators and providing updated guidance on regulatory change and breaches of the Corporations Act 2001, particularly within the evolving digital landscape.

  • Assisting both employers and employees in employment disputes, involving executive-level contract negotiations, non-compete and non-solicitation actions and breaches of the Fair Work Act 2009 across various Courts and alternative dispute resolution processes.

  • Blending industry insight with legal expertise to assist clients in the social media, advertising, and creative sectors to protect their interests and mitigate risk.

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