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Practice Area - Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Lawyer Services

BlackBay Intellectual Property Lawyers is an experienced Intellectual Property Law Firm and can assist with Intellectual Property (IP) law through providing general advice on  IP protection, registering IP with the Australian government, creating contracts to sell and license IP and creating confidentiality agreements.

Furthermore, BlackBay Intellectual Property Lawyers can provide ongoing advice regarding possible infringement and enforcement of IP rights. If cases escalate, BlackBay Intellectual Property Lawyers can represent both plaintiffs and defendants in out of court negotiations and in-court proceedings regarding allegations of IP infringement.  


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Intellectual Property Legal Services

A successful business requires strong brand identity and intellectual property rights protection. Companies need to take steps to protect the intellectual property to it's brand name, trademarks, business operations, franchise documents as well as it's unique and inventive business ideas. Our team of Intellectual Property Lawyers offer comprehensive IP protection services that include registration and enforcement services, dispute resolution processes, pursuing infringement and tortious actions, as well as the drafting of commercial/intellectual property agreements such as license agreements, assignment agreements and contractual provisions designed to preserve and protect IP rights.

Areas of Expertise - Intellectual Property Law

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Intellectual Property Disputes & Litigation

BlackBay Lawyers offers expert Intellectual Property (IP) dispute resolution services, combining legal prowess with a strategic approach to protect and enforce your IP rights. Our team conducts thorough dispute assessments and risk evaluations, developing tailored strategies for each unique case. We emphasize alternative dispute resolution methods, including negotiation and mediation, to seek amicable settlements aligned with your interests. When litigation is unavoidable, our experienced attorneys represent you assertively in court, handling infringement actions across patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We also specialize in domain name disputes and trade secret misappropriation cases, ensuring your intellectual assets are vigorously defended.

Our approach extends to collaborating with technical experts for evidence gathering and expert testimonies, crucial in strengthening your case. With capabilities in handling international IP disputes, we navigate the complexities of global IP laws, leveraging our network to manage cross-border cases effectively. Post-dispute, we provide analyses and strategy adjustments to prevent future conflicts and enhance your IP protection. At BlackBay Intellectual Property Lawyers, our goal is to resolve IP disputes in a way that not only protects your rights but also supports your overarching business objectives.

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Meet The Team 

Key Contact

Greg Leather

As the head of the Intellectual Property Legal Services at BlackBay Lawyers, Greg Leather stands out as an experienced authority in IP law, specializing in the protection and management of intellectual property for a diverse range of clients.

With over three decades of legal experience, Greg has developed an extensive understanding of the nuances and complexities of IP law. His expertise lies in offering robust solutions to safeguard innovations, handle IP infringements, and navigate the intricacies of patent and trademark law. Greg is particularly skilled in representing clients in the fast-paced world of IP, balancing nuanced negotiations with the readiness for assertive litigation when necessary.

At BlackBay Lawyers, Greg’s approach is comprehensive, covering all facets of intellectual property law. He ensures that clients receive personalized, forward-thinking legal advice, keeping pace with the ever-changing IP landscape. This makes him a valuable asset to those seeking to protect their creative and technological advancements in today’s competitive environment.





Special Counsel


Isabella Orlic - Commercial Litigation Lawyer


Isabella Orlic



Julie Mehrdawi

Yianni van Gelder - Commercial Litigation Lawyer


Yianni van Gelder

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Intellectual Property Lawyer Information

Common Types of Intellectual Property Cases

Intellectual property (IP) law is a complex field, encompassing various types of cases and infringements that can significantly impact individuals and businesses. As experienced intellectual property lawyers, BlackBay Lawyers offers expert legal advice and representation to navigate and protect your IP rights effectively.

  1. Trademark Infringement: Occurs when your trademark, which distinguishes your brand, is used without permission in a way that confuses consumers. BlackBay Lawyers can help enforce your rights and prevent misuse of your trademarks.

  2. Patent Infringement: Involves unauthorized use, sale, or manufacturing of an invention protected by a patent. Our team specializes in defending patent owners’ rights, ensuring their innovations remain exclusively theirs.

  3. Copyright Infringement: Arises when someone copies, distributes, or publicly displays your copyrighted work without consent. We offer legal solutions to protect your original creations, from literary works to software.

  4. Trade Secret Misappropriation: Happens when confidential business information is acquired or disclosed improperly. Our attorneys assist in safeguarding your valuable trade secrets against unauthorized use or theft.

  5. Domain Name Infringement: Involves the wrongful use of domain names that could be confused with your trademarked brand. We help protect your online presence against such infringements.

  6. Unfair Competition: This pertains to deceptive business practices aimed at gaining an unfair market advantage. Our lawyers can help you challenge these unethical tactics and maintain a level playing field.

  7. False Advertising: Involves misleading claims about products or services. We guide you in taking legal action against false advertising that can damage your business reputation and consumer trust.

  8. Right of Publicity Infringement: Occurs when someone uses your name, image, or likeness for commercial gain without permission. Our team defends the personal rights of individuals against unauthorized commercial use.

Understanding and navigating these diverse aspects of intellectual property law requires skilled legal expertise. At BlackBay Intellectual Property Lawyers, we provide comprehensive legal services tailored to each client’s unique IP challenges. Whether enforcing existing rights, resolving disputes, or advising on IP strategy, we are dedicated to protecting your intellectual assets and maintaining your competitive edge. Contact us for personalized assistance in safeguarding your intellectual property.

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