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BlackBay Retainer

We are an Australian tech-enabled Law Firm that provides you with a holistic legal solution across all practice areas, ensuring that you benefit from the highest degree of service & specialisation.

BlackBay Legal Retainer

Who we are

BlackBay Lawyers is a full service Corporate Law Firm that has built a cohesive ecosystem of support for our clients. This means that we have differentiated ourselves by not simply providing siloed legal advice, but by creating workflows that incorporate all relevant and possible practice areas to create a holistic and complete legal product building strong business foundations.

What we do

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and tailor our services to their exact needs, and;

  1. Become our clients complete in-house legal team or

  2. We provide practice area specialisation and additional capacity to our clients existing in-house team.

Legal Retainer Services Overview


An overview of what the BlackBay Lawyers team can do for you

Legal Retainer Services

How we work

Flexible ways of working

Monthly Retainer

We provide ongoing day-to-day legal support on BAU Items

  1. Unlimited advice consultations with our legal team

  2. Drafting of all business contracts

  3. Reviews of any business contracts and commercial leases

  4. Registration of all Australian trade marks

  5. Employment law and HR compliance advice

  6. Assistance with raising capital

  7. Access to legal templates and business tools

  8. Assistance with negotiating complex contracts

Project Specific

We work on fixed fee projects outside of the day-to-day legal support for example resolving business disputes, litigious matters, raising capital and assisting with business sales or purchases.

How to bring us onboard

The first step is to start with a trial month. We place you at our minimum retainer for the first month to get to know your team as well as your ways of working.


Following a full month of working together, we will have a better understanding of what is involved in your day to day to calibrate a retainer to your exact needs, ensuring you receive maximum value out of our relationship.

Arrange a Consultation

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