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Our Story

BlackBay Lawyers, established in 2022, has rapidly grown to become one of the most respected and dynamic legal practices in Australia. We are a full-service law firm that specialises in litigation, offering clients exceptional legal representation across a range of practice areas, including commercial, employment, regulatory, and defamation law. The firm leverages its expertise and tech-enablement to provide strategic, holistic, and high-quality legal services, ensuring the best possible outcomes for its clients.


Our Vision

After decades in the legal industry, our founders saw an opportunity to create a unique and different kind of law firm, a tech-enabled full-service Law Firm, that produces outstanding outcomes for our clients with a platform that attracts and liberates the very best people from an outdated talent model.

Unrestrained by legacy systems and processes, in an industry where tech-enablement thus far has been synonymous with ‘cheaper,’ the resulting weak client experience and outcomes have lacked success.


BlackBay Lawyers has commenced the mission to combine an ‘old-school’ focus on having the best legal talent and enable them through technology, to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

Our Values
Image by Erico Marcelino

Our Unique Value Proposition

At BlackBay Lawyers, we distinguish ourselves through our holistic legal support, proactive risk management, and a unique mix of generalist and specialist expertise.


Our innovative, technology-forward approach enhances efficiency and accuracy, while our client-centric model ensures tailored, industry-specific solutions.


This blend of comprehensive service, skillful adaptability, and forward-thinking strategies is our key differentiator in the legal marketplace.


What We Value

Our values were debated right from the start by our founders. They guide everyone towards a shared culture and working environment.

What we value

What we do is complex, challenging, and requires the best minds — which is why we’re so focused on building a high-performance, high-support environment where ambitious, smart and pragmatic people that strive to achieve the best possible outcome in all scenarios and hold themselves to the highest of standards, come together.

- Victoria-Jane Otavski, Managing Partner at BlackBay Lawyers





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