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At BlackBay Lawyers, 'Impact Beyond Results' isn't just a catchphrase—it's our guiding principle. While positive results are crucial, we believe that the true measure of our success goes beyond mere outcomes. It's about creating lasting impacts that resonate with our clients' broader goals, nurturing relationships built on trust, and contributing positively to the broader legal community.


For us, every case or consultation isn't just about achieving a win; it's about ensuring that win aligns with the larger vision and values of those we represent. In essence, it's our commitment to ensuring the reverberations of our work benefit our clients long after the immediate litigation battles are won.


"Thank you Team BlackBay. You helped us immensely with our business dispute and we are glad that we switched to you. You really took the time to understand our situation and were incredibly effective from the get go. It felt like you knew our business inside out and what our goals were. You made a big difference.

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Practice Area - Litigation & Disputes


BlackBay Lawyers is a leading litigation firm that delivers exceptional outcomes for our clients with a platform that attracts and enables the very best legal talent in Australia, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality representation. 


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Meet The Team 

Our litigation lawyer team combines decades of experience in the legal industry with countless successful outcomes. Together with our leadership, we have built one of the most renowned teams of litigation lawyers in Australia. 

Victoria-Jane Otavski


Victoria-Jane Otavski - Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Victoria-Jane is a leading litigator and renowned Australian commercial lawyer with a substantial commercial litigation practice. She is the first point of contact for many of Australia's well known, high profile corporations on all commercial litigation cases.


Victoria-Jane has in excess of 15 years experience in commercial litigation and understands the complexities of commercial litigation and the need to balance client interests in achieving vindication and managing reputational concerns.

If you are in need of a Litigation Lawyer, contact our team below. 

Greg Leather



Greg is a seasoned litigator with a substantial practice in commercial litigation, making him a trusted advisor for many of Australia's well-known corporations.


With a career spanning over 20 years, Greg's nuanced understanding of commercial law, paired with his expertise in telecommunications, securities & financing, and mergers & acquisitions, positions him uniquely to offer both strategic and holistic legal services to clients.

If you are in need of a Litigation Lawyer, contact our team below.

Justin Carroll



Justin is a commercial disputes partner and has practised in the Middle East, the UK and Australia.  Justin’s practice focuses mainly on public and professional liability, insurance coverage issues, defamation, property damage and engineering claims.  

Justin has acted for clients in state and federal court proceedings in Australia as well as in arbitral proceedings under the ICC, LCIA and DIAC rules.   

If you are in need of a Litigation Lawyer, contact our team below.


Special Counsel

Gosia Klus

Isabella Orlic - Commercial Litigation Lawyer


Isabella Orlic



Julie Mehrdawi

Yianni van Gelder - Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Graduate at Law

Yianni van Gelder

Our Approach

At BlackBay Lawyers, our purpose is to empower our clients to overcome their legal challenges with confidence that not only achieve positive results but also foster growth, innovation, and success


We do this by providing exceptional legal solutions that combine the expertise of the best legal talent with cutting-edge technology. Our team is comprised of specialists in Commercial, Regulatory, Employment, and Defamation Litigation.


We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service in a holistic manner.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Team in Action

Litigation Lawyer FAQ

Why are Litigation Lawyers Important

Litigation lawyers are a crucial component in the intricate machinery of the legal system. They serve as the primary advocates for clients, championing their rights, interests, and ensuring they receive a fair trial within the legal framework. In a world where conflicts can rapidly escalate, these lawyers provide a structured and professional avenue for dispute resolution. Their depth of knowledge about the law and the courts ensures that both businesses and individuals have a knowledgeable advocate in their corner, safeguarding their financial, personal, and reputational interests. Without their expertise, clients would face daunting odds, trying to navigate the legal waters alone.

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